Uber Class Action Settlement Agreement

Even though it has taken quite a while, there was a settlement reached for the class action settlement lawsuit between Uber and its defendants. The settlement was based on a court proceeding around a misrepresented term for the company known as "Safe Rides Free." This, along with other safety measures including the process of gaining background checks for potential drivers of Uber caused this lawsuit. Uber continues to deny any allegations made against them during the case and the courts have yet to decide on an outcome for this case as of yet. 

According to the settlement, the Uber company has to make certain changes in the way they advertise background checks for their drivers and specific fees that they charge. Additionally, the settlement is going to be used to create a settlement fund that totals more than 32 million dollars which is eligible to be given out to past Uber riders who submit their claims before the deadline. 

If you used Uber in the past, you may find that you are entitled to some of this class action suit settlement money. The District Court of the United States for the Northern District area of California is going to hold a hearing for determining if the settlement gets approved. They will also be determining what a fair amount of compensation would be for those riders who were affected. Any person that gets included into the settlement will have a multitude of legal rights, including getting a free ride credit sent to their Uber Rider accounts. Those affected can also choose to get a settlement amount sent to their bank accounts instead. E-checks and Paypal payments are going to be excluded from the settlement options. If you would like more information about this, please visit www.RideShareSettlement.com

Who Can Be Included In The Uber Class Action Settlement Case?

There are many people who can find themselves able to be included in the Uber class action settlement case. Those affected can include riders who used the website or the app to secure services that included a Safe Ride Fee. The time frame in which you would have secured the services had to be between January 2013 and January 2016. All of these individuals that fall into this scenario will be known as "Class Members" or as the "Class."

What Will You Get From The Uber Settlement?

If the court does approve the Uber settlement and you have not excluded yourself from the said settlement, you will most likely receive your share of the settlement automatically into your Uber Services account. There is going to be three available options on how you get your settlement share paid out.

• Option 1: This first option is the Uber Rider accounts option. Like stated earlier, you will get your settlement sent to your account to use towards your next ride. You will have one full year from the date of issue to use the credit. If you do not use this credit within one full year, there will be an attempt to credit you the settlement share to your bank account instead.

• Option 2: This option is referred to as the PayPal option. You may use this option to get your settlement share sent directly to your current PayPal account. In order to select this option, you will have to identify it on the Payment Election Form during the settlement case. 

• Option 3: The third option is to have your settlement share sent directly to your bank account. In order to select this option, you must have a valid bank account number located in the United States and also fill out the Payment Election Form with your account number and routing number.

Are There Other Options?

Payments are going to be sent out once the court decides to grant final approval to the settlement. If any appeals are attempted, the case will take longer. If you do not want to be included in this Uber settlement, you must do so before January 2018. After this time, you are not going to be able to sue Uber about anything involved in this settlement case. If you do remain as a member of the Class, you will be able to object to any part of this Uber settlement through filing an objection by January 2018.