Did You Overpay For Breakfast at Burger King? You could Get a Settlement!

Breakfast is an important meal. Many people realize the need to fuel up before heading out to work or school. Some people chose to eat at home. Others may find it best to grab something with them as they had out to work. Fast food outlets all over the world have been offering a nice breakfast for their customers for many years. People can run inside or choose to have breakfast via a drive-in. One of the most popular American fast food chains is Burger King. Burger King has hundreds of outlets all over the country. Customers who have chosen to eat breakfast in one of the outlets may be surprised to learn of a new possible issue that concerns them and their previous decision to grab breakfast here. 

A Small Refund 

Refunds are common in many instances. Companies often make minor mistakes. One way to help remedy any kind of minor mistake is via the use of a class action lawsuit. Class action lawsuits are designed to help correct problems that may have affected thousands or even millions of customers in the past in a very minor way that should still be corrected. One such class action suit has been filed against Burger King. The lawsuit was filed and alleged that specific company locations decided to charge a significantly higher price for customers who ordered two breakfast sandwiches that were only charged when the customer used a coupon. Those breakfast customers who decided to order at least two Croissan’wich breakfast sandwiches during a certain time frame may be able to get a small check.

The Time Frame 

Customers who made the decision to order these breakfast sandwiches between the first of October  2015, and May 19, 2017, might be eligible for a small but highly rewarding reward. In order to get the reward, the client needs to have used a specific coupon that allowed to buy one and get the second one for free. This is a common discount that Burger King, like many other companies, offers this kind of deal to their customers quite frequently. It's also one that many clients have chosen to take advantage of over the years. 

Those Who Are Affected 

The new settlement has court documents that indicate that only about ten percent of those who used such coupons to get one sandwich free while buying another one. Those who used such coupons were often overcharged. When they bought a modified sandwich that did not contain breakfast products such as eggs, cheese or any kind of meat in the sandwich were often changed additional money. This may have been as few as a few cents per sandwich. It may also be as much as a dollar each time they had breakfast and choose to order this kind of sandwich at Burger King. 

New Rewards 

People who eat at Burger King and think they are affected in some way by this decision can get a reward from the company. The kind of reward they can get will depend on their ability to demonstrate exactly how they were affected. Many people choose to keep a receipt on hand for their purchases at Burger King. In that instance, they can take all of the receipts indicating that they have purchased the product to any Burger King. The company is now offering clients five bucks in cash for each sandwich they brought in the past provided they purchased the item during the eligible period. Those who have detailed receipts on hand can take full advantage of their ability to be compensated legally by the company. 

No Receipt 

Those who have not kept such detailed food records can also benefit from the new decision by Burger King to settle the class action lawsuit. They can head to their nearest Burger King and get a two dollar gift card. This small gift card is valid at all participating company outlets. It is designed to help compensate those who dined at the company for breakfast and were impacted in some way by the company's failings. Many customers are sure to find the time to take advantage of this offer and enjoy a meal at a local Burger King.