Awesome Ways to Save Money at Home Depot

Whether you're building a deck or are painting your home, Home Depot is an ideal place to find everything that you need for your next project. When you're purchasing different types of materials, the products can add up and be more than you expected. When you want to save money at Home Depot, there are a few secret tips to follow.

Take Advantage of Coupons and Discounts

There are many coupons and discounts that are available at Home Depot that can allow you to avoid paying full-price for various types of products. Military service members can obtain 10 percent off of every purchase that they make at the store when providing a military I.D. On Memorial Day, Veterans can receive an additional 10 percent off of their purchase.

Websites like also offer coupons. Groupon is another popular website that provides promotional codes on specific departments in Home Depot. You can also utilize cashback offers when purchasing appliances through online sites.

Discounted gift cards are also available on websites that include, which can allow you to save at least four percent at the register when you're planning an upcoming purchase.

Consumers who subscribe to text alerts through the retailer can also receive coupons and can be alerted to promotions or sales throughout the year.

Check for Markdowns

Markdowns are available throughout Home Depot but can often be difficult to spot. Look for clearance or markdown items by viewing the end caps in the store where items are available at lower prices. Checking for lower prices on the tags will also allow you to save. Price tags that end with .06 are reduced and will be marked down again in six weeks. Price tags that end with .03 have three more weeks remaining until the price is reduced for the second time.

When you visit the store to purchase paint, check the "oops" paint rack where there are hefty discounts on different colors that were the wrong color that another customer ordered. You may find a paint color that is ideal for your next project without paying more money.

Rent Tools

Many people are unaware that instead of spending a significant amount of money purchasing tools for various home projects that they can rent them. You won't have to worry about spending money on tools that are only used once or twice when you need a chainsaw, trimmer, or drain cleaner.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a cement mixer when you're renovating your property, opt for renting the equipment for $46 each day. Other types of landscaping tools and equipment are available to rent for a few hours, weeks, or months. You can stay within your budget and avoid owning a product that you may not use again in the future.

Ask for a Lower Price

Although you may be intimidated by the negotiating process, Home Depot allows its customers to haggle for a better deal when making larger purchases. Although a sales associate won't have the power to reduce the price, speaking to a manager can pay off when you're serious about making the purchase. Looking at recent sales that you may miss or better deals from other stores can allow you to have more negotiating power.

Look for One-Day Deals

Home Depot is known for hosting promotional one-day deals on its website, which slashes prices by 30 to 50 percent. You can be notified of the upcoming sales by signing up for the Special Buy of the Day email list. Consider waiting to make certain purchases until promotions occur to save more throughout the year.

Price Match

The store offers a price-match guarantee if the same product is available at a lower price at a competing store. Not only will Home Depot price match the item, but they'll also take an additional 10 percent off. Special orders, sales tax, labor, and installation, or bulk purchases are not eligible for markdowns. 

Use Rebates

There are many savings opportunities available through the store's online rebate center due to federal tax credits or prepaid cards. Although you may pay full price upfront for a new refrigerator or electric drill, you'll end up saving more money in the long run once you receive your rebate.