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CDC, NRA Engage In Social Media War Over Gun Use

A war of words between doctors and the National Rifle Association has erupted on social media within hours of a news report that another lone gunman shot and killed 12 innocent people at a nightclub in California barely hours before CDA released figures about how these types of gun related deaths are rising across the country. This frequency has forced doctors and medical officials declared this form of gun violence as a public health issue and last month American College of Physicians issued new guidelines that doctors should follow to protect patients from the dangers of gun related violence in Annals of Internal Medicine.

CDC, NRA Engage In Social Media War Over Gun Use

Dr Garen Wintemute of California’s Davis Medical Center who is part of its Violence Prevention Research Program stated that patients need to be counseled about safe use of firearms and take appropriate action when imminent danger is present. The National Rifle Association took up the report with ACP that represents 150,000 medical personnel, stating that self-important ant-gun doctors should stay within their limits as they have been pushing for gun control in an upsetting manner. This twitter brought on a series of tweets from doctors across the nation who tweeted that they are not against guns but are against bullet holes in their patients.

Dr. Joseph Sakran, director of emergency general surgery at John’s Hopkins Medicine tweeted his displeasure at divisive statements of gun advocacy groups saying that “they take care of these injured patients on a daily basis and where are these gun advocates when families have to be told that their loved ones are no more. The Annals of Internal Medicine too pledged to its 33000 followers that they have to talk to patients about gun violence. While doctors are increasingly asking for detailed research on gun violence, Congress has quietly limited CDC’s research into firearms violence. According to CDC report gun deaths have risen by 2015–16 that are related to violent crime and also by suicides.

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