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CDC Reports 1 Dead, 164 Sick With Salmonella

According to a report submitted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a person has lost his life while 164 had fallen sick due to the attack of salmonella bacterium from the consumption of raw turkey products. Among the lot, 63 people were hospitalized to control the severity of the health condition.

CDC Reports 1 Dead, 164 Sick With Salmonella

CDC has stated that the outbreak of the bacterium has gained pace in the past year, which has fuelled the emergency situation. It has also confirmed that the traces of the bacterium are identified in multiple products that are related to raw turkey, including turkey patties and ground turkey along with the other turkey pet food items and live turkey.

The main symptoms of the infection are fever, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and others. These become visible 12 to 73 hours after the bacterium attacks the body. Though most of the people respond to the treatment, the ailment remains in the body for 4 to 7 days.

Turkey is one of the primary ingredients for the occasions like Thanksgiving and embellishes the dinner table perfectly. Therefore, CDC has issued an alert to the families that are planning to arrange a dinner party with turkey as the hero dish. It has been suggested cooking the food items thoroughly at a high temperature. Till now, CDC has found the bacterium at 7 facilities that process turkey and 22 slaughterhouses. Also, the agency is investigating to identify the other forms of salmonella that are primarily found in raw chicken products.

Not only the raw turkey products Duncan Hills has also found the traces of the bacterium in the cake mixes that have made 5 people sick. Hence, it has recalled those mixes from the market.

Back in 2011, a different genre of the bacterium was found in ground turkey, which had sickened 129 people and killed 1.

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