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Car Companies Join The Race For Electric Bikes, Scooters

The car companies are moving towards the future by embracing the electric bikes and scooters. They believe that these modes of communication will save them from disruption.

Ford has announced that it is about to acquire the start-up the scooter-sharing business, Spin. This will mark Ford as the first automaker to invest in the electric bikes and scooters.

Car Companies Join The Race For Electric Bikes, Scooters

The Vice President of Ford X, Sunny Madra stated that the carmaker has planned to expand in 100 cities in the upcoming 18 months. Ford X is the wing of the company that focuses on new mobility services.

The company is seeing the scooters as an affordable and accessible way to commute within the city without imposing on the pollution and traffic congestion in the already overwhelming streets of the city.

Marci Klevorn, Ford’s Mobility President stated that the company is looking forward to identifying the compelling needs, as the urban population is growing at an exponential rate and the solutions are lowering.

A year ago, Spin had introduced a dockless bike-sharing service that pivoted to a scooter-sharing business. The latter offered more profit and operates across 13 cities as well as the college campuses. It is about to launch in Detroit. However, it failed to compete in the similar tune with the Lime and Bird, which have elaborated its business and have raised millions of dollars.

Derrick Ko, the CEO of Spin stated that collaborating with Ford will strengthen the business and also ensure a strong presence in the market for a long time. On the other hand, Ford will also enjoy a secured position in the market as it will not be vulnerable to the new options of mobility, which has already threatened the core business of the trucks and cars.

It is speculated that the electric bikeshare and scootershare is about to dominate the future.

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