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Google Home To Shake Hands With Disney To Enhance Kids Stories

Google has revealed news about its partnership with Disney that is done with a focus of bringing kids stories in real life. Started recently, Google home can play the sound effects and ambient music as the user can read select Little Golden Books. All a user needs to do is to say Hey Google, let’s read the story along, and begin with a compatible story.

Google Home To Shake Hands With Disney To Enhance Kids Stories

The announcement of the news promotes some of the features of enhancing the experience of the story, along with the capability for Google Home device to identify when the user stops reading or skip ahead. In these cases, the ambient sounds and music will get personalized to fit in where you are in the story.

The first version of the compatible Little Golden Books involves the favorites of the Disney like Coco, Moana, Toy Story 3, and classics such as The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella and Peter Pan. Google as well claims regarding some extra books by the year-end. It is currently not known if the new books will be restricted to Disney Stories, but the compatible storybooks will be alongside the Google Home in its book section of a lot of major retailers, such as Target and Walmart. Disney and Google as well come together last month on some of the games based on Google Home.

About Google Home:

Google Home is a smart speaker developed under the brand of Google. Google Home speakers allow the users to give voice commands to communicate with services via the intelligent personal assistant of Google referred to as Google Assistant.

A huge amount of services, bother 3rd party and in-house, are integrated and making the users able to listen to the music, manage the playback of photos or videos, or get the news update completely by voice only.

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