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London Streets Quickly Turning Out To Be The First Zero-Emission Zone

Traffic and pollution in London are the objectives of the draft transport regulation. London has identified a potential test area for a pilot project that will ban polluting vehicles in parts of the capital.

Part of Moor Lane, near Moorgate, will soon be accessible only to the least polluting vehicles. The measure is part of the City of London Corporation’s Low Emission District Project.

London Streets Quickly Turning Out To Be The First Zero-Emission Zone
Although non-compliant vehicles may still enter the northern part of Moor Lane, the southern access point remains closed for all vehicles except ULEV vehicles.

City Corporation wishes to know if such a system is appropriate for other parts of London. It is anticipated that only clean cars and commercial vehicles will hit the streets. The project will aid to improve air quality at Square Mile.
The city has not yet concluded if the restraints would be applied permanently from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 11 pm. The trial is expected to begin in April 2019.

Deputy Mayor of Environment and Energy Shirley Rodrigues, said “Such measures are important to embolden more Londoners to switch to ultra-low emission and zero emission vehicles and to counterattack the capital’s pollution concerns.”

Clear signage along with a print and social media campaign will inform people of the restrictions and familiarize drivers with the types of vehicles that will be affected.

In the first month of the program, non-compliant vehicle’s drivers will receive a written notice regarding the violation of consent. The resources thus generated would be reserved for maintenance services of the road network.
The proposals supported by the City of London’s Planning and Transportation Committee include the introduction of 15 km/ h speed limits to relieve certain parts of the Square Mile from emissions by 2022.

This announcement follows the ban on diesel vehicles in its own fleet and the city’s hard drive for drivers with stationary engines. Driving on the Square Mile has already been influenced by parallel regulations, with highly polluting vehicles subject to higher parking rates and cleaner vehicles eligible for reduced prices.

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