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Lenovo To License Sony’s Patents For Its PlayStation VR Headset

Sony has formerly patented its design for PlayStation VR headset to Lenovo, which is presently trading a headset that seems to be a whole lot akin to the PlayStation VR. The 2-year copyright licensing deal, which was declared this week, allows Lenovo employ design from Sony for its Mirage Solo device. The correct terms of the deal have not been unveiled.

Lenovo To License Sony’s Patents For Its PlayStation VR Headset

Yao Li, Lenovo vice president, claims that the two firms are now working jointly to greatly improve the appeal and design sophistication of the rapidly extending VR field as the supremacy of the PSVR design is certain. But it appears likely that Sony applied some lawful pressure. Defending a design that (as claimed by Riley Russell, the Sony chief legal officer) was the outcome of years of PlayStation engineers’ hard work.

On a related note, with the 5th anniversary of the PlayStation 4, Sony earlier verified that it is designing a descendant of the console. “Currently, what I can state is it’s essential to have a next-gen hardware,” claimed Sony’s president and CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, to the media in a statement.

Yoshida did not give the name of console, so there is yet no data on whether it will formally be dubbed as the “PlayStation 5.” There is also no news on a rollout window, even though the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, John Kodera, recommended in May 2018 that the next PlayStation is minimum 3 Years away.

“We will use the coming 3 Years to gear up for the next step, to move back so that we can jump farther in the foreseeable future,” claimed Kodera. Sony aims to user that plan through its 2020 financial year, which concludes in the fall of 2021, so the PS5 might not arrive till that time.

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