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FB Removes Fake Cambridge Analytica Ad

A fake advertisement that was declared to have been placed by scandal-hit firm Cambridge Analytica was visible on Facebook till recently. Though it has been removed by the social networking giant’s team it is still visible on Facebook’s recent “ad transparency portal” and it uses logo of BeLeave which is an EU referendum campaign group that had been accused of breaking electoral laws. The ad calls for a new immigration policy with a slogan stating “our current system is broken”. Business Insider confirmed to news agency BBC that it made the advertisement for a story on one of “Facebook’s advertising tools”.

FB Removes Fake Cambridge Analytica Ad

Facebook’s spokesperson said that the advertisement was not created by Cambridge Analytica as the firm closed operations in May and it was removed as it was fake and violated company policies. He said that Facebook’s users should have better understanding about people behind political advertisements that they are viewing on its platform so their team is creating an Ads Library that will educate users. The platform has tools for users to report about suspicious activity anytime like these. Editor of Business Insider Jim Edwards hoped that their story will compel Facebook to strengthen its advertisement system and make it immune to hackers and abuse.

The Cambridge Analytica had been spotted by journalist Carole Cadwalladr of Guardian and Observer and she said its sheer presence shows how uselessness of the new transparency rules of Facebook. These regulations are not likely to work as anyone can write whatever they wish to end the given box on Facebook. Facebook’s new regulations for political advertisements in United Kingdom came into effect in mid-October. News website “Vice” was able to post ads for every US senator numbering around 100 individuals. This fake advertisement scandal comes to Facebook door just as the firm’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been asked to appear for a committee hearing that will be led by MP’s of UK and Canadian parliament.

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