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Facebook Users’ Share 100B Messages And 1B Stories Per Day: Zuckerberg

The News Feeds on Facebook will not help in sustaining it, which is scaring the investors. Today, during a call, Zuckerberg said that sharing of things is shifting towards private chatting, where it has been recorded that daily 100b messages are sent on apps as well as stories, where people share about 1billion slideshows every day. It means that the business of Facebook has to be realigned towards such mediums more complex monetization and less experience is needed. This comment by Zuckerberg resulted in initial growth of 2 percent in Facebook’s share price after the announcements of earnings which dragged it again to 3.5percent of loss. This was reversed when Mark Zuckerberg said the company will reduce the limits on the video advertisement, by pushing shares again up by 3percent during after hours of trading. The revenue growth of Facebook has slowed down in Q3 of 2016 by 49 percent from initial 59 percent and it is also left with limited space for News Feeds.

Facebook Users’ Share 100B Messages And 1B Stories Per Day: Zuckerberg

During messaging, Zuckerberg said that people send more photos, links and videos on Messenger and WhatsApp than sharing it on social networking sites. He sees the future of Facebook stronger, as the company is leading in many big countries. He also mentioned about its biggest competitor iMessage. The countries like US having big iPhone user base has iMessage as default app for messaging, and still it is ahead, noted Zuckerberg. The company is working on monetizing their Messenger aggressively using inbox ads, while it has started selling the enterprise tools suing WhatsApp and Messenger that let users pay for messaging others. But Facebook finds that their chat apps are annoying people as it has too much ads which has many message spams too. Around 1billion people use stories across Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp per day, in comparison to the 186million users posting stories on Snapchat.

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