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Scientists Find Possibility Of More Oxygen Than Previously Thought On Mars

Scientists move ahead to another step in finding more oxygen in the air of Mars. A new model has been highlighted by the researchers which contradict the traditional concepts regarding the habitat existing on the Red Planet.

Scientists Find Possibility Of More Oxygen Than Previously Thought On Mars

Astronomers believe there is more oxygen in the water body of Mars. This oxygen can help life survive on the planet. This claim has been made by the scientists of Caltech. They are managing the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of NASA. The theory which existed till date stated that the water on Mars did not contain oxygen. They believed that the atmosphere on Mars is almost 160 times thinner than that of earth and for this reason it is almost impossible for it to hold oxygen.

The Mars’ atmosphere is mainly made with carbon dioxide. Woody Fischer, who is the professor of Geo- biology at Caltech and also the co- author of Nature Geoscience, informed that oxygen is very less in the atmosphere of Mars. He also informed it is the key ingredient for survival of life. Vlada Stamenkovic, who is the main writer of the paper, informed finding liquid form of water on Mars has been the primary motive of the agency in recent years. Few month back European spacecraft had suggested that there might be some water at the South Pole of Mars, below the layer of ice. It also stated that water might exist at the salty sub- surface pools, which consists of chlorine and oxygen compounds.

The logic behind this is salt liquidates freezing water, even when the temperature at the equator falls below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. All these findings will increase the targets for NASA in future months. Now the Rovers on Mars will be used to search for the traces of past and present life on the planet.

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