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YouTube To Infuse $20mn On Educational Videos

Video streaming website YouTube has announced that it will soon spend 20 million to develop educational and how-to content on its platform. Recently many video makers that used to make money from advertisements on their short and well researched videos that were published on the platform, have faced frustration due to policy changes by YouTube that made it hard to earn money. This was largely because the platform’s new algorithm favors long and sensational videos which everyone cannot make.  To address this problem YouTube says that the new fund will make its platform better and easier for educators and learners.

YouTube To Infuse $20mn On Educational Videos

As part of this new initiative YouTube will launch a new Learning Channel that will show programs created by its own in-house developers and those developed by independent creative artists. It will work with organizations like Goodwill and YearUp to curate content and put together an innovative playlist of educational content for users. While speaking to BBC, YouTube’s global head of learning Malik Ducard stated that the firm will use this fund to bring educational content creators together and support them. This is because these “edutubers” have shown the power of positivity and what the channel can do to support spread of knowledge and education.

According to company data its “how-to” videos that were watched for over a billion hours in 2017 are the most popular while Germany’s “A Nutshell” is the number one educational channel. The new fund will focus on varied categories like curiosity driven channels comprising of A Nutshell and Vsauce along with specific content focused around software coding. To protect users from misinformation YouTube has plans to partner and curate content from trustworthy experts in every field like healthcare, fitness and education. The Learning Channel has been designed to identify trustworthy content. YouTube will also have online courses to help users understand how to make educational content from best creators in the space.

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