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eBay Is Claiming That Amazon Lured Some High-Value Sellers Of The Company Illegally

The company eBay has recently claimed that the online retail giant Amazon has actually developed an illegal scheme and this scheme is basically developed by the company for the sole purpose of recruiting the high-value sellers of the company eBay, to Amazon, according to a recent lawsuit filed by the company on this Wednesday, in a Silicon Valley court. This lawsuit is claiming that some of the representatives of the company Amazon have made contact in an illegal way, with some of the eBay sellers, not only in the United States, but also overseas, through the M2M system of the company eBay.

eBay Is Claiming That Amazon Lured Some High-Value Sellers Of The Company Illegally

The company also claims that the representatives of Amazon set up some member accounts of eBay, to basically evade the company’s message monitoring system, and this was done with the help of some unconventional formats for not only the phone numbers but also the email addresses as well. The company also added that some representatives of Amazon referred to themselves as recruiters or hunters, when they made contact with the sellers of eBay.

The messaging system of the company actually makes it easier for the sellers and the buyers of the company to electronically communicate, but the user agreement policy of the company prohibits all the parties, when it comes to the use of this particular system for offering or requesting the contact information. It also prohibits the sellers as well as the buyers of the company, from the contact that concerns the buying or selling outside of the company eBay.

In the five-count complaint filed by eBay, it has said that the interference by Amazon was intentional, and this has violated the Penal Code of California, along with the Business and Professions Code. The company has also asked for a jury trial for the same, and is asking to stop this fraudulent activity soon.

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