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Artificially Developed Human Eggs Could Help The Infertile—Research

Researchers have recently developed something that is surely going to raise many eyebrows as well as controversies on a global basis. According to the Japanese scientist, Mitinori Saitou and his colleagues from the Kyoto University, the development of the immature human eggs in the lab dish is potentially going to prove to be a huge breakthrough surely in the field of medical science.

Though the egg has been produced, there is still a long way to go so as to make it useful and safe to create humans from the immature eggs. This new research might someday prove beneficial for millions suffering from the infertility issues that have developed either due to cancer, genetics, or other conditions. However, there are many questions that have already started coming up due to the violation of the social and ethical norms. Looking at the advancement in research, there is a mere possibility that women can have babies using skin, hair, blood, blood-relations, or even the deceased members as well. The research is getting weirder using the modernized techniques that are being made available. The use of the ex-vivo method to turn induced human pluripotent stem cells into miniature ovaries is definitely going to be marked as the beginning of a paradigm change.

The current topic of the town is the use of sperm itself to overcome infertility in the males. According to Ph.D. student Lilli Fishman and professor from The University of Toledo, the male sperm donates two centriolar structures during fertilization and those structures play an important role in infertility, miscarriages and birth defects. Thus, studying the centriolar defects can help in finding a solution for those who have no options due to the infertility issues. Thus, the constant research in the field of reproduction is going to help find a better fertility treatment for the vulnerable couples in the near future.

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