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TB, Malaria, and HIV Vaccines Still not a Possibility

Poor people, who are incapable of treating expensive ailments, may have to endure the adversities of various diseases unless the present expenditure on the research programs triples. To be precise, the analysts believe that unless $9 billion is spent every year on the research program of the cure of various infectious diseases, it will not be possible to discover the cure by 2030.

Presently, $3 billion is spent annually on the research of the vaccines, which is not sufficient to treat the deadly diseases of H.I.V., TB, and Malaria. These fatal diseases are costing the life of the poor people and may take a severe shape unless the investment triples.

However, the cure of the ailments like Hepatitis C vaccine, deadly diarrhea, and others will have to wait longer. Other neglected diseases include dengue, sleeping sickness, and leprosy.

During the early years of the new millennium, the conjugated effort of the non-public foundations, government donors, and pharmaceutical companies had spent oodles of money for the cause. However, with the elevating financial crisis, the series of events have changed and only a few emergency funding firms of Ebola research are contributing to the same.

According to the Director of the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health of Duke University, Gavin Yamey, the present pace of development will never result in a fruitful outcome which will give the sources to fight against the deadly and neglected diseases. He further mentioned the depleting contribution of the donors when the research system needs it the most.

According to the core fundraisers of the global health research centers, the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the conclusion of the 538 items developed to fight the 35 diseases sounded promising but the resultants were too negative for the new inventions.

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